Positive Behaviours for Learning

St Kevin’s teaches Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL) to promote positive relationships and improved student learning outcomes.

In early 2024, we have had a ‘PBL Refresh’ at St Kevin’s.

What does this mean?

PBL (Positive Behaviours for Learning) is a whole school approach to behaviour management that adopts proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviours to create positive school environments. In the same way that we support students with their academic learning and their faith development, we also work with the children on appropriate behaviours in the different learning and playing spaces in and around our school.

Last term all of the students had the chance to share their ideas about what positive behaviours look like when we are being Safe, Respectful, Responsible, Proud Learners at St Kevin’s. These ‘expected behaviours’ are acknowledged and rewarded in class for both individual students as well as whole class rewards. Some examples of the expected behaviours in learning spaces, and when on the play equipment can be seen below.


A new ‘United in Love’ token system will be introduced as well – leading to a whole school reward.

We have four school rules; At St Kevin’s we are United in Love when:

  1. We are Safe
  2. We are Respectful
  3. We are Responsible
  4. We are Proud Learners

Within each of these rules we have expected behaviours which are explicitly taught each fortnight.

We celebrate successes with weekly merit cards, smile awards and Principal’s awards.

Positive Behaviour for Learning - Learning Spaces Positive Behaviour for Learning - Play Equipment Positive Behaviour for Learning - Student Friendly Language St Kevin's Behaviour Flow Chart