See our school in action

As a Catholic community, we welcome and celebrate visitors and guests, and offer a range of opportunities to see the school in action: 

1. Open Days throughout the Year: 

St Kevin’s has Open Days each year during usually at the beginning of March. Open Days are a fantastic opportunity to come and see our school in action, chat with our leadership team and meet current families. See our homepage for dates of upcoming Open Days. 

2. Personalised Tours at a time that suits you: 

We also offer personalised tours with our principals year-round where we are able to show you our school, and discuss your child’s individual needs. 

3. Playgroups:

St Kevin’s invites children (aged 3-5 years) and their parents and carers, to play, learn and connect at St Kevin’s Playgroup.

  • Come along and discover how children learn through play.
  • Participate in simple, fun activities that you can also do at home.
  • Meet other local families.

Parents and carers are an important part of Playgroup and we ask that you remain on-site and join in the fun with toddlers.

Playgroup 2022 will be held in the School Hall.

Everyone is welcome.

For queries a, please contact St Kevin’s office.

What’s the next step? Please complete the online enquiry form here, and we will be in touch with you within 1-2 school days.

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