At St Kevin’s we live by our Mission Statement and our school values of acceptance, compassion, dignity and hope to show we are a Catholic community United in Love.

Our Mission

United in love and challenged by our call to Catholic discipleship, we are committed to developing a community of learners in a safe school environment where the values of acceptance, compassion, dignity and hope are embraced and cultural diversity is celebrated.

School Values

To show acceptance at St Kevin’s we:

  • include others in games
  • invite others into teams
  • listen to others
  • use positive body language
  • follow fair rules consistently
  • accept differences in self and others

To show dignity at St Kevin’s we:

  • are proud of self and others
  • have confidence in self
  • believe we are all God’s unique creatures
  • value contributions of others
  • do not put down others
  • are true to self and allows others to do the same

To show compassion at St Kevin’s we:

  • are considerate of the needs of others
  • pray for others in need
  • celebrate the differences of others
  • act with sensitivity and kindness

To show hope at St Kevin’s we:

  • make up with friends
  • are persistent in a communal task
  • encourage others
  • show resilience and optimism
  • look forward to challenges
St Kevin’s Vision Statement