Personal Development, Health and Physical Exercise

At St Kevin’s we believe that Personal Development, Health and Physical Exercise (PDHPE) is directly concerned with the development of the student as a whole person.

PDHPE contributes to the improved and ongoing quality of life for all students. It is based on a broad notion of health that encompasses all aspects of an individual’s wellbeing, inclusive of social, mental, physical and spiritual health.

The PDHPE program follows the NSW PDHPE K-6 Syllabus and encourages students to make informed decisions related to health and physical activity. It supports students to develop positive attitudes and to be able to make spiritual and moral choices that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Learning in PDHPE outlines concepts and identifies values that will help students to understand and deal with major personal and social issues, thus providing a foundation for lifelong responsible decision-making.

PE and Sport

Our school employs a specialist Physical Education teacher for each class, one lesson per week. In addition, Years 3-6 participate in a school sports program and K-2 in a gross motor program.

Representative Sport

Students from Year 5 and 6 have the opportunity to represent St Kevin’s in sport at various different levels within our Diocese. The competition starts at the school level, then it progresses to the Primary School Cluster stage, then Diocesan Representative Sport.

The calendar of 2023 events can be viewed at: