ICAS Assessments 2023

Attention: Parents of Years 2-6 students

We are delighted to inform you St Kevin’s will be participating in the ICAS competition this year. ICAS assessments are optional, parent-funded tests in the areas of: English, Mathematics, Science and Digital Technologies. These optional assessments are available for students in Years 2-6.

What is ICAS?
ICAS is an online academic competition that is designed to assess students’ higher order thinking and problem-solving skills in English, Mathematics, Science and Digital Technologies.

It is important to note that while these competitions provide a healthy challenge for children who display a keen interest or strength in participating in an academic competition, this form of testing is different from the compulsory NAPLAN testing for Years 3 and 5 as well as the regular class assessments which are administered by our classroom teachers.

These are competitions and are not necessarily based on the stage outcomes the children are working on, as these questions are aligned with several international curriculums. All students receive a Certificate and an individual Student Report indicating which questions they answered correctly, as well as the average mark for their state.

Learn more about ICAS here: (icasassessments.com/products-icas/ )

How to participate in ICAS
If you wish for your child to participate in ICAS this year, please:
1. read about ICAS subjects and prices here: (icasassessments.com/products-icas/)
2. read the Privacy Collection Statement below.
3. read the terms and conditions here: (icasassessments.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/2023-ICAS-Assessments-Schools-TsCs_S2023.V6-1.pdf)
4. prior to 31 July, go to the Parent Portal to purchase tests here: (shop.icasassessments.com/pages/pps)
5. enter our school’s access code – GYP855
6. enter your child’s details, select the tests you would like to purchase, then proceed to payment.
Please note that the ICAS tests shown for selection are at the school’s discretion.
After payment is made via the Parent Payment System, you will receive an order confirmation email. Please keep this for your records.

ICAS Results and Certificates
We will notify you of the date(s) that we run ICAS at the school and when your child’s ICAS results are ready. Once we have received your child’s ICAS certificate, we will send it home with your child. The back of the certificate shows ICAS results and the login details, “TAP ID and Pin”, that you and your child need to enter the Results Portal orti.icasassessments.com/ortiStudent.

Privacy Collection Statement
The following information is a privacy notification about how your child’s data is kept private and secure.
ICAS Assessment is owned by Janison Solutions Pty Ltd (We, Us, Our).
To deliver assessment products, Janison will require your child’s School to obtain your consent to provide Janison with certain personal information of students. Janison will collect, store, use, disclose and otherwise deal with such personal information in accordance with its privacy policy (below). We are aware of our responsibility to protect personal information related to children and students from being disclosed when we deliver an ICAS Assessments product. Unless you, as the child’s legal guardian consents, we will not:
– collect any personal information or data of children other than the information we need for the successful completion of an assessment, test, or exam.
– transfer any personal information we obtain from a child in the delivery of assessments and tests to any jurisdiction outside of Australia.
– share any personal information relating to children with any third parties (except for those third parties necessary for us to carry out our Services or provide our Products e.g., medal engraving).
– use any personal information or data relating to children for marketing purposes.

You can view our full privacy policy at https://www.janison.com/privacy-policy/.

We may retain personal information and data relevant to a child for their future purposes or for research purposes by Janison for the duration of the school life cycle of the child. However, if you or your child at any time wish to have their personal information or data removed from our systems, they or you may opt out by simply contacting our Privacy Officer at privacy@janison.com or by contacting icasassessments@janison.com.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you have any questions – (02) 7256 2117

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