Fiver For a Farmer

To support our Aussie farmers who are in need of our kindness and generosity we will be contributing to the ‘Fiver for a Farmer’ fundraiser next Tuesday 14th August.

Children will come to school dressed as a farmer and make a $5 donation.The goal of this day is to rally around and raise as much money as we can.

This incentive came about from a student in our local Catholic school. Let’s get behind this very important cause.

STORY: Jack Berne set a goal of raising $20,000 to help farmers struggling through Australia’s worst drought crisis in centuries.

He wanted to get there by August 13 but he hit his target in an impressive 48 hours. The Sydney schoolboy and his classmates at St John the Baptist Primary School at Freshwater had been hearing about the drought hardship devastating farmers across the country and Jack decided we had to do more to help. It started as a simple idea to get schoolmates together on August 13 and dress up as farmers, bringing a “fiver for a farmer”.“If we can raise some money, I think we can all feel better about helping our mates on the farms,” Jack said on the Fiver for a Farmer website his family created. Now the campaign has gone national, with schools across the country ringing up to get on board for the dress like a farmer day.The long dry spell is hurting farmers with 99 per cent of NSW officially in drought.