Discover Dairy – Picasso Cows Program

Year 4 Discover Dairy – Picasso Cows Project

Year 4 participated in the Australia’s Picasso Cows program– a free curriculum linked program that brings the Australian dairy industry to life in the classroom! This cross-curricular program was highly interactive and engaging, catering for a diverse range of learning styles. It encouraged the development of ideas and creativity through cooperation and teamwork.

The students learnt all about the Australian dairy industry, we learnt many facts about dairy cows, dairy farmers, and dairy products and about the everyday running of dairy farms to the important health and nutrition benefits dairy delivers.

During the learning process we were visited by Farmer Steve- a retired dairy farmer from Victoria, Richard Wrench a parent and representative from a dairy factory and our school canteen manager.

The highlight of this unit of work was arrival of our own life size dairy cow- which the class named ‘Milkshake’. The students showcased their understanding of the dairy industry through the visual design of our cow. We then submitted photographs of Milkshake completed plus our learning journal.

We look forward to Milkshake grazing on the school playground during 2019.

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