Parenting Through COVID-19

“Throughout this time of uncertainty, let us never cease in our care for one another…”  Most Rev Anthony Randazzo, Bishop of Broken Bay 20 March 2020

COVID-19: We’ve got this covered!

The Macquarie University has some great resources for Parents covering a range of COVID-19 mental health related topics. Follow the links below if you are interested in more information: 

When and how to seek more support for your child How can I help my child if they are anxious? How can I help my child if they are down or withdrawn? How can I talk to my child about their worries? How can I help my child learn independently and stay motivated? What can I do to stay mentally healthy? How do I manage screen time? How do I help my child stay connected? How do I prevent emotional or boredom eating?

Kids Helpline is a also great site for both Kids and Parents. They offer advice on navigating through COVID-19 on a range of subjects. For example … Schooling from home // Helping Kids through COVID-19 // Returning to Normal after COVID

If you think your child might need extra mental health support, please contact your child’s teacher, the school principal or our family liaison officer. We are all here to help you!




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