Family Liaison Officer

The focus of the Family Liaison Officer (FLO) is to support families in our school  community.

St Kevin’s School FLO, Mrs McDonnell, works on site one day per fortnight. The FLO can assist teachers in maintaining contact with families through a difficult phase and can help families to access support by working with local services as required. The FLO can help point parents in the right direction should they need counselling, additional parenting skills or community support. The FLO can offer support in situations such as parents separating, if parents are ill, if there has been a death in the family, if parents are not managing behavioural problems, if children need assessments, if families need food vouchers, or families with financial difficulties etc.

The FLO is integral in various programs run by the school, such as the Transition to School Program for new Kindergarten students and parents. She also runs parenting workshops such as 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching to help parents manage some of the more challenging behaviours that children can display. Ages and Stages give parents an idea of which behaviours to expect at which age. Seasons for Growth for Parents program helps parents to support their children through a period of loss or change such as separation and divorce and help them to develop resilience skills.

The FLO maintains contacts with the school parents and wider community, working in particular with the Catholic Schools Office, Catholic Care and the NSW Family Referrals Service Organisation. She also runs a Cherub mums coffee morning once per term for those mums whose children need extra support to navigate through school and life generally.

Please note that the FLO is not a school counsellor. This service needs to be accessed through the School Principal.

If you wish to contact the Family Liaison Officer, please click here.

Links to further services and information for Parents:

CatholicCare Centre Brookvale
CatholicCare provides a range of parenting and relationship education programs including one-to-one and group programs to assist couples and parents increase their knowledge and skills in a range of areas. Click here to visit their website. 

Dads in Distress
A support service for Dads who are separating. Contact on 1300 853 437 or click here to visit their website. 

Family Referral Services for North Sydney
For families needing support with domestic violence, migrant settlement, financial assistance, counselling and mediation, child and parenting programs, youth support, housing and accommodation, mental health, call 1800 066 757.

Community Connect in Dee Why
Community Connect Dee Why provides information and support as well as advocacy and referral to other non profit community services.  You can find more information on the website by clicking here.

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